Data Fields***
The quote / portfolio window on a handheld device supports the fields that help keep track of what’s going on with a watchlist. Fields can easily be added, removed or moved:
  • Ask
  • Ask Size
  • Bid
  • Bid Size
  • Change
  • Change Percent
  • Change Today
  • Company Name
  • Date
  • Exchange Listed
  • formT
  • 52-Week High
  • 52-Week Low
  • High
  • Last
  • Low
  • Net Asset Value
  • Open
  • Previous
  • Symbol
  • Time
  • Volume

In addition, on the companion desktop browser, additional fields can be added: Ask Exchange, Ask Size, Bid Exchange, Bid Size, Buy / Sell Pressure, Exchange Listed, Mini Chart, Tick / Closed / Settlement, Tick Trend, Trade Exchange and Trade Size.

*** On the iPhone, the following data fields are currently available: Bid, bid exchange, ask, ask exchange, volume, open, previous, high, low, last