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Fair Value Adjusted Russell Global Index Information

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Fair Value Information Services

Helping clients meet their fair value pricing requirements

Interactive Data’s Fair Value Information Services are designed to provide subscribers with various information that can be used to estimate a price for an exchange-traded equity security, equity index futures contract, or equity option that would likely prevail in a liquid market, in view of market information available at the time of evaluation.

The Fair Value Information Services offer investment fund companies a convenient and flexible tool to assist them in meeting their fair value pricing requirements and to reassure investors that their investment fund company is taking steps to safeguard shareholder interests.

The result of extensive research and development, Interactive Data’s Fair Value Information Services reflect decades of leadership in providing mission-critical data to financial institutions worldwide. The proven methodology is supported by two business process patents granted to Interactive Data by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Interactive Data’s Fair Value Information Services:

  • Cover over 18,400 equity securities
    • Offer clients the choice of close of New York Stock Exchange, close of London Stock Exchange, mid-day London, and 16:00 Central European Time (CET) evaluation times for their securities. Also offering holiday services for certain North American equities on US/Canadian market holidays
    • Utilize a "bottom-up" evaluation methodology that applies to each equity security, rather than a “top-down” methodology applied to a country, sector, or portfolio
    • Provide transparency into the valuation process, including each factor’s specific contribution to the evaluation for each equity instrument
    • Deliver data in user-specified bulk formats or through a Web-based interface that also offers a Market Indicators Report, Top 50 Movers List, Benchmark Portfolio Movements, and other daily reports. Quarterly Back-tests are also available to assist your review of the performance of the model over time
  • Provide fair value evaluated prices for international equities at end-of-day or in real-time, every 15 seconds throughout the trading day
  • Cover international equity index futures and international exchange-listed and OTC equity options
  • In collaboration with Russell Investments, provide monthly fair value adjusted index information for select Russell Global Indices